Sedgefield Community College

Sedgefield Community College is a highly regarded 11 – 16 secondary school whose success reflects its ethos and culture of high expectations and quality, coupled with creativity and innovation.

Our vision for Sedgefield, summarised in the acronym; ACHIEVE@Sedgefield, is a vision that we believe has led us to become the outstanding school that we are confident we are. What though does it mean for a school to be outstanding? Academic success is, of course, an important element and excellent learning and teaching ensure that our students achieve this.

However, an outstanding school is about so much more than results alone. We are outstanding due to the quality of the experience and opportunities that we provide for our students each and every day.

We are certainly extremely fortunate to have a new, contemporary and inspirational school building, together with all of the resources it brings. Our building will contribute to our success for many years to come, enabling us to continue to evolve and develop in a way that schools less fortunate will find difficult to do. Despite this, our wonderful building does not make an outstanding school it merely houses one.

We are an outstanding school due to the excellence of the people that come to Sedgefield Community College each day and the relationships that they build with each other that contribute so much to our success.

We have excellent staff, supportive parents and truly fantastic students who work together towards a common aim. Our aim is to ensure that those wonderful young people who come to our school enjoy an outstanding experience that ensures that they achieve at Sedgefield Community College and will continue to achieve for the rest of their lives.

Why work at Sedgefield Community College?

  • We are a school who were judged to be ‘outstanding’ in all possible categories at the time of our most recent Ofsted inspection and have been shortlisted as ‘Secondary School of the Year 2020’ by the Times Educational Supplement.
  • We are a school that invests a huge amount into supporting the professional development of all of our team and most notably staff in the early years of their teaching careers.
  • We are a school at the cutting edge in terms of the development of T&L and were one of the first secondary schools in the country to become an accredited ‘Advanced Thinking School’.
  • We benefit from outstanding facilities with a state of the heart building and excellent access to the latest technology and subject specific resources.
  • We are a school with an exceptional track record of ensuring excellent student progress and this has provided us with opportunities to provide support to colleagues in other schools and to take a leading role in working with Durham University to train the next generation of our region’s teachers.
  • We are a happy school with a very strong staff team and a wonderful group of young people that we enjoy working with every day.