Welcome to our Careers Platform! We are really pleased that you are thinking about joining the Laidlaw Schools Trust and this site will show you who we are and why being part of LST is a great decision as well as guiding you through the application process and our current vacancies. You will be able to hear from people who work in the LST team and they can tell you the difference that being part of the Laidlaw Schools Trust has made to them. Enjoy looking through our current vacancies to see if the next step in your career is already there. If not, we would still love to hear from you and receive your details through our applications portal so that we can keep in touch as new opportunities emerge.


I am proud and privileged to be the COO of Laidlaw Schools Trust, a growing multi academy trust in the North East of England, serving children and families in the west of Newcastle, Pennywell in Sunderland and Sedgefield in County Durham.

Peter Snowdon COO