Thomas Walling 6

People ask us to sum up what it is like to work in one of our academies and we want to share with you some of the answers that people give.  


Academies are communities focused on learning together, and that means that no two academies are the same. You will notice common features, such as the passion for our vision, the commitment of our staff and the positive attitude of our pupils, but we are a diverse family of academies with pupils ranging from nursery to sixth form, across six sites in two great cities. This variety brings with it an openness to new ideas and experiences, and the desire to to be flexible and to innovate in the pursuit of the best education. Our academies recognise that every child is an individual on their own journey, informed by their interests, experiences and talents: in consequence our days are as varied as our pupils.


Working with children and young people is never dull! They bring their own enthusiasm and personality to your day and one of the joys of being part of an academy is seeing them engage with new ideas, information and situations and develop through their responses. Our team is people-centred and find that they get energised by the intellectual and emotional demands of their roles. It is easy to see that life is busy and it is certainly true that the most meaningful work is often the most demanding, but working as a team, seeing successes in the lives of the children is exhilarating. Working in an academy can be profoundly satisfying, as you can have a hugely positive impact on the lives of the individual children and the wider community. Knowing you are making a difference is really motivating.


We navigate the busy and varied life of an academy together and a key feature of academy life is support. That support can be found in the teamwork and camaraderie of the staffroom, the formal support of mentoring and coaching as people take on new roles, and the trust-wide opportunities to develop your career and your talents. Academy life can bring challenges, particularly when staff are really engaged in what they are doing and want to go the extra mile. In our academies, we are supported in realising our aspirations, developing our passions and ambitions, and doing without compromising the wellbeing of all the staff in the team. Being part of a team means looking out for one another, keeping working life sustainable so that we can look forward to working in that team for the long term.

You can read more about the variety, energy and support in academy life in the words of members of our team.